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Repair and Repel Auto Glass Damage

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Do you wish you could put a protective film over your car's windshield to prevent those minor scratches? Hamptons Touch Automotive Detailing offers something better. Our technicians can apply a top-quality window coating to your car's glass. This protective coating fills in any imperfections and prevents future damage.

We can apply our window coating to any glass surface, such as vehicle and building windows. We can even coat shower doors for easier bathroom cleanup. We are a certified installer for ceramic pro and can handle all glass and ceramic coating needs. Contact a glass coating technician in Bluffton, SC today to set up an appointment.

Protect your car with a clear window coating

Don't stop at window tinting. Hamptons Touch Automotive Detailing of Bluffton, South Carolina can apply protective glass coating to your car's windows. Car glass coating:

  • Eliminates imperfections: Nicks and scratches disappear after a glass coating application.
  • Reduces glare: Improve visibility by getting rid of headlight glare with our glass coating service.
  • Clears rainwater: With glass coating, rain rushes off of your windshield faster than your wipers can remove it.

We're so confident in our product and application service that we're offering a 3-year warranty, including maintenance.

Call (843) 949-7933 to talk to a window coating pro about protecting the glass in your vehicle or home.